Concrete Installation & Repair

Concrete Installation & Repair

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In addition to our other renovation and painting services, we can also repair or replace concrete sidewalks, outdoor patios and an array of common areas. No matter if the problem is simply a small crack or a full replacement, the concrete experts at American Painting & Renovations can restore your multifamily or commercial property even better than before. We have been providing our clients with quality concrete construction services at competitive prices for over 26 years.

Concrete Installation Specialties

Problems with the concrete at your property, such as cracks, can lead to huge problems if they go ignored. We specialize in concrete installation and repair for a wide variety of items, such as: 

Benefits of Concrete Repair

Hiring a professional contractor to repair or replace your property’s concrete features will allow you to enjoy your space for many more years and without the additional worrying. Why not have a pothole-free driveway or a crack-free patio? Expertly repaired jobs will also coat your concrete surfaces with protective sealers to prevent water intrusion.